Events & Promos Reptopia Singapore Heritage Festival 2017


Discover and appreciate reptiles through a diverse range of activities, including enlightening animal enrichment sessions, get crafty with reptile-inspired activities and meet our costumed charm-eleon.


Singapore Zoo

Zoolympix : Reptile Revolution
Change your views of our charismatic reptiles as you slither through different game activities to learn all about them. Be amazed by their abilities to colour change and move at high speed.

Meet our Charm-eleon
Be charmed by our chameleon mascot while taking photos. It might even stick its tongue out at you.

Get Crafty
It’s all things chameleon! Have fun creating your own chameleon party blower, a paper chameleon origami or a colour changing chameleon craft!

River Safari

Reptile Encounters
Warm up to our ‘cold-blooded’ friends! Join us and discover a different world where they smell with their tongue, crawl on their belly and sleep with their eyes open.

Shadow Showtime
Cosy up and enjoy a silhouette skit performance staring different reptiles and other river inhabitants in air-conditioned comfort.

Art Attack
Get creative and make your own fearsome stick alligators and a snapping turtle hanging door tags!

*Activities on Weekends only.